Thursday, November 23, 2006

Free Gratitude Meditation

Today is Thanksgiving here is the US, we take time out to give thanks for all the blessings we have. We celebrate, we eat and enjoy family and friends. The question I have is why are we only doing it once a year. Yes sure we have other holidays but why are we only giving thanks one day out of the entire year. It should be the norm to be in gratitude. We can always find something in our lives, every day of the year, to give thanks for.

As my colleage Matt stated when we are in gratitude we cannot feel stress, frustration or any other negative feeling. It is also the place were we get into the present and feel what we are grateful for in this moment. When we get into the present moment and we create a feeling of happiness, love or gratitude we are creating a positive energy. When we set our goals and intentions for what we want to manifest in our lives and become happy in the moment we are actually creating the energies that attract what we want into our lives.

As a gift for Thanksgiving, Matt has allowed me give away this Free Gratitude Meditaion. You can download this Gratitude Mediation by doing a right click on Gratitude
and Save Target As. This will save the file to your hard drive.

You can also find out more about Matt's Secrets Of Meditation programs by visiting Matt's site.

And more Meditation programs and information at
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank-you for the Gratitude Meditation

Good Morning~

Lovely to listen to
the gentle flowing brook
of peace, the sweet voice
of tenderness guiding
us to be Thank FULL.

This is what gratitude is.
A fullness of being that
allows us to share our
gifts and time and prosperity
with others, happily from a
place of FULLNESS spilling over.

Feeling this fullness we overflow in
joy without concern— to feed those
we love, and those we want to love,
and those we have not yet been able
to love.

Watering the soul of all beings with
grace and holy intention.

United in the being of light with

Seeing with eyes of love our
truest need..communion of
heart calling us to be at one
with all.

Thank you for you timely visit.
— patricia

November 24, 2006 2:54 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

Hey Patricia,

That is such a lovely poem. Your words of gratitude and joy
are simply wonderful. I am beginning to realize that we really need more gratitude in our lives. It is one of a Universal Laws which add so much to our lives.

Peace to you,

December 01, 2006 6:44 AM  
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